Journal Publications

"Environmental Models and Public Stakeholders in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed." 2013. Estuaries and Coasts. With Michael Paolisso, Kevin Sellner, and Raleigh Hood.

"Becoming Vulnerable." 2012. Imponderabilia.


Conference Presentations

"When Representations Become Reality: Modeling and the Practice of Environmental Management" American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, Washington DC, 12/2014

“The Bloodworm Trade as Vector for Aquatic Invasive Species” International Conference on Aquatic Invasive Species (ICAIS), Niagara, ON, 4/2013

“Reality Workshop: An Experiment in Working Relationships” Organized Session, Anthroplus Student Conference, 4/2013

“The Chesapeake Bay Model: Constructing Knowledge, Constructing a World” Society for Applied Anthropology, Denver, CO, 3/2013

“Environmental Anthropology on the Chesapeake Bay” Panel participant, North Eastern Anthropological Association (NEAA), College Park, MD, 3/2013

“Multiple Modeling Practices: Making a Difference for the Chesapeake” M3.2 (Multiple models) Workshop, Chesapeake Bay Program, Annapolis, MD 2/2013

“Extended Ecologies” Society for Cultural Anthropology, Providence, RI, 5/2012

 “Invasive Ecologies: Bloodworms, Seaweed, and Snails in the Mid-Atlantic” Society for Applied Anthropology, Baltimore, MD, 3/2012

“The Anthropological Thought” Anthroplus Student Conference, College Park, MD, 3/2012

“Composing Traditional Cultural Properties” Society for Applied Anthropology, Seattle, WA, 3/2011

“Towards A Cosmopolitical Anthropology” Anthroplus Conference, College Park, MD, 3/2011

“Ethnographic Intervention and The Anthropologist as Mediator” American University Public Anthropology Conference, Washington D.C., 10/2010