Journal Articles

2017    “Watershed Encounters.” Environmental Humanities. In Press.

2013    with Michael Paolisso, Raleigh Hood, and Kevin Sellner, “Environmental Models and Public Stakeholders in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.” Estuaries and Coasts.


Book Chapters

2016    with Michael Paolisso, “Cognitive, Material and Technological Considerations in Participatory Environmental Modeling” In S. Gray, M. Paolisso, and R. Jordan, eds. Participatory Modeling in Environmental Decision-making: Methods, Tools, and Applications. Springer. Pp. 3- 23.


Book Reviews

2015    “Eva Keller, Beyond the Lens of Conservation.” Anthropology Book Forum.


Manuscripts Under Review

2017    “Navigating Institutional Constraints for Computational Environmental Modeling.” Coastal Management.

2017    “Computer Modeling and Neoliberalism in Environmental Science and Management.” Science, Technology, and Human Values.

2017    “Assembling a Watershed: Computational Modeling and Water Quality Management in the Chesapeake Bay Region.” Human Organization.


Web-Based Publications

2016    “Models.” Cultural Anthropology, Lexicon for the Anthropocene Yet Unseen.

2016    “Excavating the Chesapeake: Exploring the Intersecting Geological, Political, and Technical Layers that Constitute a Watershed.” AES Engagement Blog, The Nature of Infrastructure Series.

2015    with Ryan Anderson “Open Access: it’s about more than just open access (a conversation between two early career anthropologists).” Savage Minds.

2014    “Consuming the Academic Bubble.” Savage Minds.


Other Publications

2012    “Becoming Vulnerable.” Imponderabilia, Issue 5.